Integration of Functional Polymers and 2D Materials for 3D Fabrication


Atomically thin 2D materials have been at the forefront of materials research in recent years, and are widely used in the fabrication of functional devices due to their excellent mechanical, electrical, and optical properties. But it is challenging to fabricate 3D structures entirely from those ultrathin 2D materials due to the limitations in processability, flexibility, and scalability. Moreover, 2D materials usually lack important functionalities such as stimuli-responsiveness and biocompatibility, which are typically found in soft polymeric materials. Therefore, it is desirable to integrate 2D materials with other types of materials, especially functional polymers, for the fabrication of well-defined 3D structures and devices.

This Research Topic will collect cutting-edge research in the fabrication of functional 3D structures and devices based on functional polymers and 2D materials. Subjects to be covered span from the synthesis and assembly of novel polymers and 2D materials, micro/nanopatterning of polymers and 2D materials, 3D fabrication based on controlled shape transformation, as well as their applications in sensing, biomedicine, energy conversion, and storage. Both Original Research and Review articles are welcome.