Novel Techniques in Pharmaceutical Technology


Through several hundred million years of adaptive evolution pharmaceutical Technology have developed a large group of high-affinity and stable natural-based biomolecules, which have now been isolated and identified. Some of these biomolecules possess the ability to specifically bind to human receptors/ligands, which means they have a great potential to be used as novel prototype drug candidates for disease treatments such as hypertension, cancer, diabetes, drug-resistant bacterial infections, etc. In the last two decades, much biomolecular research has been focused on certain types of distinctive molecular targets on cells, which can be recognized by natural-based biomolecules, to unveil their use in different aspects of clinical prognosis and therapeutic applications. However, the majority of those natural-based prototype drugs entering clinical trials are still struggling due to the fact that their modes of action are not fully identified, and more lab-based and preclinical work needs to be done to further this research direction.

This Research Topic aims to bring together leading researchers to exchange and share their findings on the hot topics of novel identified with potent pharmacological activity and their corresponding molecular mechanisms. We aim to fill the gap which is hindering their potential use as novel prototype drug candidates for the treatment of diseases such as hypertension, cancer, diabetes and drug-resistant bacterial/viral infections.

The key areas which we would like to discuss in this Research topic include the isolation, structural identification, and activity evaluation of novel antimicrobial biomolecules against ESKAPE pathogens, smooth muscle contractile agonists/antagonists, serine protease inhibitors, and/or anticancer biomolecules. We would also like to discuss the investigation of their mechanisms for targeted therapies and/or precision treatments. We welcome all investigators to submit Original Research, Reviews, and Perspectives on the areas of:

• Pharmaceuticals for manufacturing of the drugs for anticancer, antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, diabetes, hypertension treatments and degenerative disease treatments

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