The Next Big Idea-Miniaturized Chromatography


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Speed, Sensitivity, Ease of use, Reduction of costs and complexity are some areas where we consistently see incremental improvements in chromatography. The focus is now shifting towards miniaturization. Chromatography systems, accessories, and workflows are all now advancing rapidly. One of the major advantages of miniaturized chromatography is it has the potential to reduce the instrumentation costs drastically. Another game-changing advantage of miniaturization is that sample pathways and smaller channels decrease the need for gasses, solvents, and power requirements. This feature further allows a more portable or mobile paradigm to evolve, while lowering costs and waste.

Miniaturized chromatography has attracted increasing attention for its potential in high-throughput analyses and point-of-care applications. Miniaturization in chromatography is receiving considerable attention because of its advantageous applicability in diverse fields including the OMICS arena (proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics etc.) as well as several other niches such as environmental, biological, foodstuff, and pharmaceutical analysis.

Nowadays, miniaturized liquid chromatography is much easier to use and both the instrumentation and the connections are operated in the same way as conventional scale liquid chromatography systems. This opens up opportunities to apply miniaturized liquid chromatography to novel workflows and applications, especially for capillary and micro liquid chromatography.

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