Pharmaceutical Industry, When a Single Drug Comes into Market?

Image Pharmaceutical Industry, when a single drug comes into market, can expect to have spent $350 million before the drug is available in the market. In most of the large pharmaceutical companies that are working on dozens of drug projects at once spend $5 billion per new medicine to improve the drug efficacy as it tends to fail several times during drug development. In today’s world market and competitive pressures require industry to develop and maintain a high level of coherence between the strategy, action and performance. The purpose of the research is to examine dairy food ... Read More

Drug Metabolism Main Aim is to Excrete the Drug

Image Drug Metabolism main aim is to excrete the drug easily. The main center of drug metabolism is done in liver. Drugs are metabolized by various methods like oxidation, reduction, hydration, hydrolysis, condensation, conjugation or isomerization. Dissimilar stress situations induce changes in behaviors through the modulation of physiological, immunological, neuronal, hormonal and biochemical functions. Dissimilar stress paradigms are often used as a model of neurological disturbances. Several studies indicate that inflammation is increased in the periphery as well as in the brain in ... Read More


Image JOURNAL OF PHARMACOVIGILANCE: A NEW APPROACH TO DEAL WITH DRUG EFFECTS. The Journal of Pharmacovigilance aims to fill this important knowledge barrier for decades. PV needs to be very closely related to the patient. It deals with the Patient Support Programs (PSP) or Market Research Programs (MRP). So a very large market place has been taken by the PV, So many Pharm companies tried to follow new strategies to make their availability in the market. Here the Journal of Pharmacovigilance tries to pro... Read More